Thursday, December 25, 2008

Le Flour

I have recently begun working for one of my French Pastry School classmates at her new bakery, le Flour: Bake Shop and Market, in Edison Park, Chicago. I adore working for her because of the relaxed and creative environment, colorful decor, and emphasis on quality ingredients and classy presentation. Above is a picture of the pastry case with chalkboards designed by myself and a mural/sign that I painted on one wall of the bakery. The faux finish was done by the owner, Nicole, and the centerpiece is a spruced up iron grate that she found in an antique shop.
The picture above is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that I made at le Flour. It's nothing unusually special in presentation (everything we make is rustic but delicious looking), but I like the monochromatics of the photo.

The above photos are of some gumpaste disks that I painted with our logo in food coloring for the grand opening on Saturday. The cupcakes are yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. Nicole makes her buttercream with vanilla paste so you can see little flecks of vanilla bean.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

September and October Cakes

Here are some cakes that I created in September and October. I made the wedding cake for two friends that were married in Ithica, NY. It had two layers chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and fresh raspberries and one layer almond cake, pastry cream, and poached pears. It was finished with vanilla Italian buttercream.

The four tiered cakes were about four inches tall a piece and were for the bachelorette party. They were a genoise soaked in a white wine syrup, with apricot filling, white chocolate glaze, and gumpaste decorations.

The birthday cake was a collaborative piece that I did with a very talented chef from San Francisco. It was a mocha custard filled chocolate cake topped with ganache. Amongst other things, he contributed the chocolate pencils and freesia forest. I made the the gumpaste chickadees.

The Language of Pastry

Since becoming a pastry chef, I'm delighted every time I hear a pastry-inspired expression. Hearing people express their feelings through dessert makes me feel good about what I do. I've wanted to compile a list for some time now and I thought my pastry journal would be a good place to do it. Please contribute because I know I have just the beginnings.

Take the cake
As easy as pie
The proof is in the pudding
Pie in the sky
A bun in the oven
Brownie points
Eye candy
Piece of cake
Humble pie
Just desserts
Shut your pie-hole