Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sugar Decoration

This is a Japanese-inspired fondant cake designed by our chef-instructor Scott Green for our sugar decoration final exam. I made all the components myself, including cast sugar platforms, a blown sugar sphere and birds, pulled sugar ribbon, roses, twigs, and grass, and "bubble sugar".

Sugar decoration is a lot like glassblowing. You work with a hot, amorphous putty that becomes hard at room temperature. It can be molded, pulled into sheets, or blown into hollow forms. When worked at the right temperature it takes on a lustrous sheen. It's maybe the most challenging pastry art because of the temperamental material, radiating heat lamps, and easily blistered fingers. But I love the result and hope I can find a blister-free way to incorporate some of the techniques into my cakes.


  1. Amazing. All my grandmother had was sugar ribbon candy at Christmas.

  2. Hi Eve

    That is beautiful work... I am thinking about doing this course next year so would love it if you could post lots of pictures and info about all the cool stuff you are getting up to.

  3. It's a great course and I highly recommend it. I will be adding many more pictures this semester so keep checking back!

  4. Your ribbons are beautiful, the design is great, thank you for sharing.

    Did you use sugar or isomalt for your ribbon?